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Starters & Snacks

Wicked Onion Rings  $13.90

A portion of onion rings coated in our special batter with BBQ sauce – a favourite around here.

Classic Crusty Garlic Bread  $12.90

Hot crusty bread with an infusion of garlic butter.

Cheese & Bacon Pull-Apart Loaf  $15.90

Roasted garlic butter starts the show, then in goes mozzarella cheese and crispy smoked bacon.

Golden Fries  $9.90

A bucket of golden fries served hot and crispy.

Curly Fries  $10.90

These are freshly cooked to perfection from local potatoes.

Salt & Pepper Calamari  $15.90

Golden and delicious served with lemon and Tartare sauce for dipping.

Louisiana Fried Chicken  $19.90

Our specialty fried chicken pieces in our 21 herbs and spices. Served with a tangy sauce.

Nashville Fried Chicken (Extra Hot)  $19.90

A super red-hot specialty, tons of herbs and spices.

Sweet Honey Fried Chicken (Extra Hot)  $19.90

Smoothened in sticky sweet honey glaze sauce.

Loaded Wedges  $18.90

Incredible and moreish loaded with cheese, bacon & sour cream.

Double Loaded Nachos (GF option)  $21.90

Nachos loaded with stringy cheese and grilled, topped with Mexican spiced beef, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeños and salsa.

Three Bean Vegetarian Nachos (V)  $20.90

Crisp nachos loaded up with stringy grilliced three bean mix, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeños and salsa.

Maryland Crab Dip   $13.90

Jimmy’s Grandmother’s secret recipe – a seafood explosion, a taste to be discovered. Served with fresh toasted breads.

Jack’s Smoked Wings
6 – $16.90  12 – $29.90

We marinate them for hours and then slow smoke with our special blend of woodchip.
Choose one of our five wing flavours:
~ Jimmy Jack’s Original BBQ (just delicious, sweet and you can’t get enough)
~ Smooth & Tangy (smooth and moreish with a wee bite)
~ Honey Pot (sweet with a bit of heat)
~ American Buffalo (warm & wicked with a kick)
~ Memphis fire (hot but it won’t kill you)

BIG JACK Platters

Great to share the ultimate dining experience crafted with friends & family in mind.

The Rib Shack Platter   $51.90

Starts with a slab of ribs, smooth & tangy smoked wings, smoked Texas sausage, crab dip, wedges, sour cream and fries.

Super Seafood Platter $62.90

Beer battered local fish, calamari, prawn cocktail, crab dip, bucket of fries, onion rings, tartare to dip.

The Premium Rib Platter   $120.00

Over 11 years now it’s been a massive hit!

Over 11 years now it’s been a massive hit!

A big deal around here, ribs, smoked chicken, crab dip, wedges. Prawn cocktail, smoked wings, hotlink sausage, fish bites, fries, sauces & more.



Herb Crusted Salmon Salad  $29.90

A parmesan crusted wood roasted Kiwi salmon on a wild salad mix.

Classic Caesar Salad (GF* OPTION) $24.90

Grilled chicken, bacon & Parmesan in a salad mix with croutons, poached egg and classic Caesar dressing.

Kiwi Lamb Salad (GF option)  $28.90

Marinated & slow cooked rosemary lamb served warm, cucumber, salad greens, feta, cherry tomatoes, tzatziki sauce.

Our Legendary Ribs

Jimmy’s Rib Taster   $24.90

A slab of succulent slow cooked pork ribs covered in our secret sauce and served with fries.

The Twisted Rib  $25.90

A slab of succulent slow cooked pork ribs covered in our secret sauce and served with curly fries.

The Custom Taster   $27.90

A slab of succulent slow cooked pork ribs covered in our secret sauce and served with your choice of one of these three: Coleslaw – Potato Salad – Garden Salad.

Fried Chicken & Ribs  $36.90

Our Louisiana chicken poppers & a slab of slow cooked ribs smothered with our secret sauce, served with fries.

Texas Hotlink & Ribs  $36.90

A slab of our succulent ribs served with our famous smoked BBQ Hotlink sausage with onion rings & fries.

The Big Rib 2 Slab Board  $49.90

A couple of succulent slow cooked ribs, fries & onions rings.

RIB Combo ‘your way’  $41.90

The Shack Combo starts with a slab of ribs & fries plus any two other picks from: Crab dip, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Curly Fries, Green Salad, Prawn Cocktail or Wedges.


All burgers come with hot & tasty fries.

Classic Jimmy  $21.90

Char-grilled prime beef Pattie, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion rings, BBQ sauce & American mustard relish in our brioche bun.

Chicago Pizza Burger $24.90

Grilled beef Pattie, bacon, lettuce, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto & marinara sauce in a pizza style bun.

Crafty Kiwi Burger  $23.90

Prime beef pattie char-grilled, lettuce, tomato, cheese, egg, BBQ sauce & beetroot relish in our brioche bun.

Louisiana Chicken Burger  $23.90

Chicken strips in our 21 herbs & spices, lettuce, tomato & coleslaw in our brioche bun. Sauce choices – Satay, Chipotle or Buffalo.

5 Plus Garden Burger (V)  $21.90

Grilled corn & vegetable pattie, lettuce, tomato, cheese, coleslaw, onion strings & eggplant relish in our brioche bun.

Gone Fishing Burger  $23.90

Crispy beer battered local fish, lettuce, tomato, coleslaw & tartare sauce in our brioche bun.


Sirloin Sandwich  $35.90

Char-grilled 250gm prime sirloin steak cooked medium, coleslaw, red onions, tomato with horseradish mayo in Turkish herb bun served with fries.

Classic Scotch Steak  $35.90

250gm prime scotch, drizzled with your choice of sauce: Mushroom, Pepper or Garlic Butter. Served with fries & onion rings.

The Big Surf & Turf  (NO GF)   $44.90

250gm Prime scotch steak grilled the way you like it, with your choice of sauce: Mushroom, Pepper or Garlic Butter. Plus, pan-fried prawn kebab, a cup of our wicked seafood chowder, onion rings and fries.


Pride of the Bay Chowder  $18.90

Thick creamy seafood chowder with mussels, crab, prawns, white fish served with crusty bread.

Crispy Fish & Chips  $26.90

Local line caught beer battered fish fillets served with small side salad & fries.

The Ultimate Seafood Trio   $32.90

Beer battered NZ line caught fish fillets, calamari, seafood chowder, golden fries and salad.

Pesto Chicken Fettuccine   $25.90

Slow-smoked chicken thighs and crispy bacon, tossed in a basil pesto with a classic creamy cheese , herb & white wine sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and parsley.

Succulent Seafood Linguini  $28.90

Fresh white fish, prawns, scallops & cherry tomatoes in seafood creamy tomato sauce.

Sizzle Plates

Scotch Steak Sizzler (GF option)  $36.90

Delicious and healthy. 250gm prime scotch steak cooked to your liking. With stir-fried garden fresh vegetables and Teriyaki sauce.

Smoke Chicken Sizzler (GF option)  $35.90

Delicious and healthy. Slow smoked chicken thighs over stir-fried garden fresh vegetables and Teriyaki sauce.

Sizzling Prawn Plate (GF option)  $29.90

A pile of stunning grilled prawns mixed with garden fresh veges lightly stir-fried and served on a sizzling hot plate with a rich Teriyaki sauce.

Fresh Smoked Sizzling Salmon  $35.90

Freshly smoked on-site, our Kiwi salmon sits on top of fresh seasonal vegetables lightly stir-fried with a sticky sauce – a perfect collection, all delivered on a sizzling platter.


Golden Fries  $9.90
Curly Fries  $10.90
Onion Rings  $13.90
Egg Fried  $2.50
Egg Poached  $2.50
Prawn Cocktail  $11.90
Steamed Veges  $9.90
Coleslaw  $8.90
Potato Salad  $6.90
Salad  $9.90

Extra Sauces $1 each

All sauces are gluten free (GF)

  • Sour Cream
  • Aioli
  • Mayo
  • Sweet Chilli
  • Ranch
  • Tartare
  • American Mustard
  • Jimmy Jack’s Original BBQ
  • Honey Pot (sweet with a bit of heat)
  • Smooth & Tangy (smooth and moreish with a wee bite)
  • Memphis Fire (hot but it won’t kill you)
  • American Buffalo (warm and wicked with a kick)
Dessert Selection

American Donuts   $13.90

Two cinnamon donuts served with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate or caramel sauce.

Warm Chocolate Brownie   $13.90

Served with ice cream, whipped cream and topped with more chocolate sauce (contains nuts).

Ice-cream Sundae   $12.90

Two scoops of New Zealand ice cream with chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream and nuts.

Warm Apple Pie   $15.90

Huge helping of warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and caramel sauce.

New York Cheesecake   $14.90

A delicious slice of our New York favourite with vanilla ice cream, lemon curd and fresh whipped cream.

Decadent Chocolate Mud Cake (GF option)   $14.90

A great slice of gooey chocolate mud cake with vanilla ice cream.

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